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7-9 Oct-2021



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Currently, research is very much needed to solve the problems that occur around us. Many of the research results they have made are limited to research that cannot be developed and cannot be perfected due to limited discussions with experts or funding. Currently, these students are competing to develop their research results by participating in competitions or giving presentations to be more active, creative and innovative.

Therefore, International Avicenna Research Centre(IARC) in-collaboration with  Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) will hold an international-level invention competition, called “International Avicenna Youth Science Fair (IAYSF)” as the right platform to nurture our young talented inventors who are active, creative and innovative.

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Event Schedule

Open Registration

August 1, 2021

Online registration and submission via website,

Opening Ceremony

September 6, 2021

Submission deadline

September 16, 2021

Payment Deadline

September 16, 2021

Online Judging Session

October 7, 2021

October 7-9, 2021

Closing Ceremony (tentative)

October 11, 2021

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Event Organizers

Mahdi Rashidyjahan

President of IARC

Deni Irawan

President of IYSA

Soroush Nourolvara

Scientific Director Of IARC

Masoud Tajbakhsh

Head of International Invention Jury

Prita Elriza

Secretary of IYSA

Khashayar HonarAmiz Fahim

event office manager


Treasury of IYSA

sajjad Falaki

Director of International Affairs

Event Sponsors


Event FAQS / find your answers

This event is organised by International Avicenna Research Center (IARC) in- collaboration with Indonasia Young Scientist Association(IYSA) and supported by MILSET and IFIA(International federation of Inventors Association).

1- Refer to the representative organization in your country
2- Register on the site according to the schedule
3- Pay the registration fee
4- Prepare and submit the required documents
5- Attend an online judging session
1. Extended Abstract Extended Abstract Rules: Abstract in English a. Each scientific paper must not exceed 10 pages excluding cover and references page. b. Font : Arial (12), line space : 1, margin : 4,3,3,3 (left, right, top, bottom), justify, paper A4 c. Paper should be typed by following the correct and proper scientific writing procedures. d. Extended abstract in PDF and word 2. POSTER FORMAT 1. Poster explains about the method of the project. 2. Poster size is A0 3. Presentation Format 1. Presentation must be delivered in English, as well as the presentation material (in power point format) 2. Each team has 7 minutes to present their work and 8 minutes to have feedback session with the judges. Each team has 15 minutes during assessment and presentation session with judges. 3. Each team must show the product or prototype while doing the presentation.


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No 110 /Habibollah St/Azadi St/Tehran/IRAN

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